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Fill in the Blanks - quilted table runner digital pattern

Fill in the Blanks - quilted table runner digital pattern

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This is a digital pattern with instructions to make your own table runner.

This pattern has so many variations that you will never run out of projects. Options are given for three different designs, and each design has five different sizes.

The single chain variation is a classic design with two fabrics. You can change it up by using solids, prints, light background or dark background.

If you've been saving special fabric, show it off with the accent fabric variation. This is great for fun holiday prints.

The twisted chain variation is a nice variation to use two contrasting colours. It looks complex, but the instructions make it easy.

Add you own personal touch by "filling in the blanks" with embroidery, appliqué or quilting designs.

Five size options are included:

  • XS - 18" x 30"
  • S - 18" x 42"
  • M - 18" x 54"
  • L - 18" x 66"
  • XL - 18" x 78"

If that is too wide for you, you might prefer the Fill in the Blanks Jr. Table Runner. It is similar, but the table runners are 12" wide.

For ideas on using this pattern including embroidery and applique, check out Epida Studio.

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